#BLN Aremupokipoki new song:The coming of Ashanat live on Galaxy T.V | @aremupokipoki

When audiences are deaf music is nothing,
Ibadan based fast-growing afro pop contralto and
a virtuosos of # Adebomi_Muyiwa traditionally
called # Aremupokipoki Omo Ibadan Toh Local.
The adroit musician choose music as one of his
best interested career in 2014 while he selected
afro pop as his major genre. Music is my blood
and i got a lot to do in music industries, i can’t
do without music. Don’t forget #Ashanat is
coming soon.
He made it known to all his fans across the
globe during an interviewed with LOLA on Galaxy
television last week that whosoever stop and
throw stones at every dog that barks will never
reach his destination. To be a successful man in
life, you have to exercise patient, it maybe
boulevard at some point but don’t give-up on
your dreams, if you missed the road instead
solicits from elders who passes through the
same experiences on how they survived the

#ASHANAT is another heavy track from an
inspirational and sensational afro pop star. The
ballad singer (Aremu) expressed his feelings and
passions he has for music after he dropped his
debut hit EPL Album titled GOOD LIFE presented
by LASTBORN RECORD. Am not into music to
make only money and receive accolades but to
lesson our kids, passing message to people
through my vocals, bring afro pop music back to
life and differentiate between good and
cacophonies musics.
The head of an antelope is not a load for kids, if
we glance through ways our artistes are
spending cash in order to receive fame in
Nigeria, many refused to ask how tough the road
before get going but I’m proud to tell you that
only the tough get going in music business.
Challenges and embarrassment, discourages and
loose of hope thou is been God right from the
beginning because the game has not been easy.
It took me a lot of stress, ado’s, and
uncontinuous improvement when started this

Sometimes, i feel like given up because it was
struggle since birth when no one care about my
talents but bird says since men have learnt to
shoot without missing has learnt to fly without
perching. Sometimes things turn upside down for
us. Later, I went backed to Almighty God to take
me out of this pain and show me some love and
ways. Here i am today, is not by power or by
might. He advice the upcoming stars like him to
made God as their priority in everything’s,
through Him dreams will become a reality.
Aremu pokipoki which is also the C.E.O of LAST
BORN RECORD has pledged allegiance to his
fans both home and diaspora that his next track
is going to shake many music industries as he
set to release another bomb track titled
ASHANAT which is going to produced by
The next-rated afro pop king number 1(one) said,
I have my plans and ambitions inside my heart
and I pray to God to spare my life, my co-stars and my beloved fans to witness our devised
when actualizing them. We can say the cantata
is one of the imperious emissaries of music as
he strategizing his effort to make fame in the
days of the strange where nothing stays the
Though, I have featured three (3) famous artistes
like Ceeboi, Oyinkanade and Wale Turner, that’s
an excellent starting point because with God I
still have a long way to go in music. He inspired
his co-stars to get ready at all time regarding
the music business because war comes and go
but soldier remained eternal.
He advice’s upcoming artistes not to relent in
their dreams especially what they naturally good
at. Music is not easy, really is a tough business.
You need sanctification, initiation to invigorate
pressures and keep the minds right even when
the life is awry but through fervent prayer and
believed God will lead you and you will make it
just like that.
Among the latest tracks of Aremupokipoki are;

NAH STORY produced by Lamzy, FEVER NIGHT
produced by Lamzy, FEVER NIGHT Ft Ceeboi
also produced by Lamzy, OWO NAIRABET Ft Akin
Alabi produced by Lamzy, KISERE Ft Oyinkanade
produced by Tiwezi, YALAYOLO Ft Wale Turner
produce by Tiwezi. Coming soon is ASHANAT
Finally, my sincere gratitude goes to all my
fidelity fans in Nigeria, Nationwide, and
Worldwide. I will not forget my producer, a magic
producer, Tiwezi producer. My co-stars, my ever
young rap man and press man ALEXWEALTH
and the prowess chorus singer ODUBANJ . All
my working boys, Johnbosco , Basalio, MC
Economy, disk jockey, Scope man, Omo Saudi,
Remote, A-Wizzy, Dot6, Youngdon and all the
radio and television stations. Thanks for
supporting Aremupokipoki.



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