Politics is an ordained careers and solutions provider to the plights the society by God meant to foster human capacity and administrative development in every society.

It was mainly geared to actualization of God divine purpose for humankind and this was made possible via chosen a representative by God to mediate between God and man.( religiously Democratic) but man in his selfish and wicked nature has turn politics to a game of hatred,hate speech,killing, embezzlement, corruption and most candidates have no ideas of the people plights.. Politics was supposes to an instruments for social transformation, societal development, infra structural growth amongst other modern trends but the reverse is the case..
What is the way forward to this lathe bane that has eaten deep into our political system?

This is certainly a great question many people across the world seems to be seeking answers to at different times but here is what Gbenga Ogunkami,a union leader, a banker, chairman LG, and a special advicer said, from the creators perspective,politics is life,it is not so much of the position and power acquired but that which is concerned with the discovery of the potential of an individual to add value to life and the management of purpose of resources available to the person or the state therefore,politics becomes a profession to those who chose it as a job culture but not a profession to those who chose it as a work culture.

To this end, Gbenga Abidemi Ogunkanmi argued that politics falls into the nobility of a neutral profession.

This is to say,it either becomes a career so chosen inform of leadership development and succession planning in a public life pursuit or a life so lived inform of leadership manifested and experience. At this juncture, politics should be left for statesmen with foresight of development, selflessness, poise to massive employment and empowerment of the youths.. Being a politician should not make you be deceiver, an initiator of pains to the masses but be the last hope of the poor,window, unemployed youths, the pleasant farmers…let the light of so acquired political knowledge be positively seen in your locality, constituency and the nation at large…this is who and what politics is ment to be…thanks for your time~~~~~~am Adedotun Adex

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