MUSIC & LYRICS: Kay Manius Ft Pizzy Marley – Koshi (Piss Off) Mixed by Ozzy | @Kay_Manius

D long awaited dancehall, danceable, commercial-like and party song titled “Koshi” (Piss Off) by Kay-Manius x Pizzy Marley. Plz rebroadcast and we await ur $wift response
No >>>💰🗞……Koshi>>>💃


“Koshi” (Piss Off)*

Kay-manius oh….am chilling wit pizzy Marley

Back to back hit song lyk a fire/I rule dA gAmE simply call me d ruler/Feel da vibes,catch d flowz, dis is bumper to fender/U cnt reach me,wit ur ladder/Am ready to chop d money/Sexy baes kip calling honey/No time i say for forming/I kill shows everyday and nyt/Everybody knws dt sex for lyf/We are one not two/I gat groove for me and u baby..

Baby wa bami lole.. bami lole,she say guy shey u dy play..shey u dey play.She say she wan run my race..wan run my run.I tell am say u dey craze…oya koshi,mi o raye oshi….moni koshix2

*Verse2* I.N. to d T.R.O,am kay-manius not T.I/No weeds in ma vein bt am so high/Many commendations cos am amazing/Wackoz irritating and disgusting/$tep on me i declare u a fowl/Flows so gigantic lyk a cow/Putting on rap gloves to knock dem off dia feet/ D real nigga am ready to drop d hit(heat)/No time chilling wit dumb head assholes,i still rule da rap world as a whole/Learn from d boss,steamers, are u among haters,beefers,i gv stamina cos am a versatile,dope,vocal lyrical next rated streets King/Kay-Manius,Pizzy Marley on dis one,pizzy Marley on dis one/

*Chorus* ******************”**””””””””***********************

*Verse 3* Baby girl jeka Jo,jeka jo,I lyk d way u go down low,go down low/Baby girl jux dy wine it lyk d way u jux dy ground it,yeah,bere kojo,i lyk d way u jux dy roll/Pizzy Marley wit Kay-Manius we one we are plus/Owo kunle owo seku,owo dey inside my purse/Baby girl jux dy [email protected]/Lyk d way u jux dy stranga/No call me ur friend, Alaye Jo koshi nw nw…

*Chorus* ***********************”””””””””””***********************
*Outro* Won raye omo,a won temi mi o raye oshi,Kay-Manius mio raye oshi,pizzy Marley mio raye oshi,Dj Koko mi o raye,Ozzy on d mix mio Raye,Kenny G mi o raye, Investor Bj mi o raye oshi, Hushpuppi mi o raye oshi,Staizzi mi o raye… Piss off till fade

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