Oluwo operating mobile office

The days of static palaces are gone. A king is a servant , oozing and zooming to and fro in search of means to improve his subjects standard.

Oluwo of Iwoland, Telu 1

The office of the king is the town/city. He visits his people regularly to assess their social status. The assessment of their respective status will pave path for proffering solution to noticed plights. As one of my responsibilities of maintaining a peaceful society, I moved round the town to assess the security of Iwo and its environment. The move has rescued many lives. God has also used me in that capacity.

There were many coincidences. When people fighting each other see me, they submit themselves to my instruction. We have re-united many through that. We settled unaccounted matrimonial tussles, father-to-child disputes, inter-communal disputes, religious clashes and even traditional crisis. There are many certificates that cannot be displayed here.

One out of the many cases of such happened at the early morning of 26th February, 2018 when two young boys armed with ironed scissors, spade and shear were about to unleash mayhem on each other. To the grace of God, my movement was not only coincidental but also resourceful at that fateful morning, performing the role of a father.

Oluwo is a father. On that fateful day, 26th February 26, 2018, Oluwo, in his usual demonstration of affinity to the people of Iwo was surveying the town to greet and get information useful for the betterment of his subjects. Disappointedly, he saw two young guys fighting each other with deadly weapons. He stopped over, alighted from his vehicle, dispersed them and brought them to his palace. Here is Oluwo engaging the duo in a verbal face to face settlement to bring out the olive branch between them. It was discovered they were fighting over #1,000. Oluwo paid the money and successfully made them the best friends. That is one of the true definitions of father.
Through the cultivated habit of turning Iwo city to his office with regular survey/inspection, many mishaps were averted. His intimacy, according to remarks has equally gives hope to the hopeless through integration and mingling with minds of different status. Seeing and meeting a king are motivations for some aspiring souls to greatness.


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