Do you know you can be famous within a night?
Becoming a musician or star has fascinated the world’s population since the arrival of major music distribution. The music industry is an ever-changing and complex system. So it is necessary to know the most sought after ways to discover the techniques and scheme of music promotion. Many music stars and technicians have opted for new technologies to kick-start their musical work pleasantly. The first and foremost thing an artist should remember is to present him effectively before the mass. This will provide them audience attention. There are some other ways too which can make any young artists famous within a night.

Let us help you Promote your Music globally and get discovered by millions of Fans Worldwide.

*Press Release Promotion and Distribution*
Our Press Release services blends creativity with communication to curate invaluable announcements for our members. We understand the importance of press release distribution, so we aim to promote your music business worldwide.

*Music Marketing*
Music marketing is the key to the puzzle that can make musicians popular. Our music marketing services are directly linked to your target audiences to grab their attention. We believe in innovation, presence and concept.

*Social Media Promotion*
We help you to get more eyes on your band’s social profile. Our social media marketers help to spread your awesome music to get the promotion you need. If you’re looking for new ways to engage audiences, you must try our services.

*Music Blog and Reviews* Discover reviews and blogs with the most influential music promotion website. Our trusted music bloggers curate the most compelling and engaging work. We offer one-stop solution for quality and creativity.

*Music Graphics Design* Graphics is the blend of innovation and creativity and our designers have the knack to create eye-catching themes. A relevant and attractive theme can enhance your brand and music value worldwide.

*Music Video Production* We are experts in HipHop, Gospel, Event and Documentary.

*Music Content Marketing and Distribution*
The music industry is a hodgepodge of unappealing content. However, we are known to overcome all hurdles to offer quality content. The challenge of music distribution is a key

Massive online Promotion & Distribution Of Songs And Video Via The www.ilorincitymusic.com.ng Active Team Social Media

Web Design…
We Do All Sorts Of Digital And General Branding as Art Covers,Posters,Handbills, Cards such as I.D Cards, Business Cards and Many More 
(Online Massive distribution Back To Back)

Promotion on 10,20,30-100 sites with 1 month hype and Nationwide Twitter trend.

We Record & Produce MUSIC in our studio @ (City Music Record)
We do *Twitter* *Facebook*& *Instagram*
Trend (Home & Abroad)

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