Photos: Destiny Ifunaya Millerand , CEO Destiny Smile Foundation Begins Empowerment And Outreach For The Needy

A kind hearted woman named “Destiny Ifunanya Millerand” took to the streets of Abuja to lend a helping hand to the helpless and the needy. She was seen restoring hope to the poor by distributing items, food, and huge sum of cash.

“Destiny Ifunanya Millerand” who doubles as the CEO Destiny Smile achieve foundation empowered a nursing mother who’s entire family engage in hawking pure water on the streets of Abuja with a large sum of money to expand her business.

It was also gathered that Destiny “Ifunanya Millerand” went a bit further to pay courtesy visit to the nursing mother’s parents empowering and gifting them large sum of money.

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In another encounter, the Destiny Smile achieves foundation stretch its humanitarian gesture to the needy/beggars at Area 1 Mosque feeding them with food and other items. This was carried out during the holy month of Ramadan, see photos and video .
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God bless her

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