Politics in our country and State of Osun by Alli Adam.


Alli Adam Alexwealth
Every four year, is a huge demand from each political platform when thirsty for the thumbs of citizens to favor their respective ambition in gaining the seat of power house (Abere). The disastrous question that has been hindering my brain is/was “Does God created Nigerians as instrument of devil for politicians? Before and during campaign, we received the promising manifestoes before they gained the baton to Abere. Any governments in power always listen to their sycophants who are human parasites, giving raw information to benefit their pocket.

We (Nigerians) have reimbursed or substitute our rights and faiths to the hands of conspirators’, I mean the politicians, we silent our weeps after the kickback or recoil arise in the corridor of Federal and State economy. Who are we to believe in this cold word when the soft flesh has masqueraded the stomach? It is very hard to know the devilish people shaking the peaceful tables in political chambers. Why does political impasse refused to offer employment/job opportunity to current generation when we still have enough resources that can sustain billions of people in our Country/State?

This is an area where the mammoth and hulking problem arises while the rebound is injustice and suffering which exclusively reserved for our immaculate children in the near future. Voting for personality is a vote to gain independent from the moribund state of self interest and defectors. Many have voted for wrong candidates with lesser capacity, intellectually barren to govern this Country or State which has unavoidably led to economic earthquake and destruction of many citizens.

Voting for political platform is a vote to put the mind of citizens on darkness promises that will certainly lead to extra years of anger, suffering and poverty that will cut-short the life of many in the future of his Country/State.

Our adage needed not featherbrain but good governments that will ostensibly responsible for community welfare, social amenities and et al activities expected from governments and their cabinets. Our system of government and method of governance need to be rejigs ranging from the ancient method to the present moment. The old ways is unproductive. They believed, this prayer must come to reality with or without any alteration or disappointment that may hinder the progress of their future. Not all but most people reciprocate for their parents on sick bed with grey hair. Why must it be so late?

The colossal problem Nigeria is facing is leadership. We need a leader who can run the government hierarchy from state to federal without embezzling our collective wealth and resources. We need someone who will fixed it for us.

For Osun next Saturday, the contest is among APC, PDP, SPD, ADP and ADC but my pen is calling the attention of Nigerians to come out enmasse on Election Day and vote wisely. We are to decide our future again.

Vote not fight.
Vote wisely.

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