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The non partisan group tagged “Kwara Emerging Voice (KEV)” has called on the executive governor of Kwara State, Mallam Abdulrasaq Abdulrahaman to look into the recent approval of new minimum wage by the federal government under the leadership of President Muhammad Buhari (PMB).It’s no more a news that federal government has approved N30,000 minimum wage for Nigerians civil servants in some months ago.In line with this, some state governors has started paying the new minimum wage while some are even paying above N30,000 just to ensure the welfarism of their workers is standard.”We aplauds His Exellency, executive governor of Kwara State, Mallam Abdulrasaq Abdulrahaman’s possible best to make Kwara State a better place to leave” It’s our strong belief that Kwara State government will make Kwara civil servants happy, KEV stated.However, the present administration made it known to Kwara civil servants during the last general election campaign in his manifestos, “Kwarans deserve the best, the Maigida administration is not paying the real 18000 minimum wage approved by the federal government, Insha Allah correction will be make before my hundred days in office if I emerge” -Gov Abdulrasaq Abdulrahaman. We urged Gov. AA to emulate some state governors who has embarked on the new scale of the approved N30,000 minimum wage, state like: Nassarawa, Lagos and other State governors.Well being of the masses is our utmost concern, Kwara State will be great. *©️Kwara Emerging Voice (KEV)*

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